Halloween Secrets [Event]

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    And finally, Halloween is here!!PTyAvEs.gif

    What mysteries, scares and sweet tricks await us?

    Undoubtedly, there is nothing better than eating candy on this night full of secrets, fun and scares.

    And among the legends of this BattleKnight kingdom, there is one that says that there is a mysterious witch in a house made of candy, in the middle of the forest. If you knock on the door you can win a pile of chocolates or maybe ... something more sinister.

    Do you dare to be a brave adventurer who challenged the witch?. If you are brave and want to try, she will ask you to solve an enigma of evil symbols to complete a secret magic spell. But be careful, adventurer! Because if you fail in the task, it may be that nobody sees you come out alive from that forest.


    • ZZc5YdS.gifDaily at random schedules, a phrase and several images of dingbats related to Halloween will be posted on this thread. Each figure of the dingbat will represent one of the words of the phrase, which will be put in disorder.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifIn case that for some reason the moderation team does not place the phrase some day, it will be done the next day without affecting the development of the event.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifTo participate in the event, the images must be ordered in the order that each user supposes they must go so that the phrase is in the correct order. Participation will be done by answering in the answer thread: Halloween Secrets [Answers thread]
    • ZZc5YdS.gifIf a user organize the figures of the dingbats in the appropriate order of the words it represents of the phrase he will earn a score of 5 candies for every two consecutive images that he orders correctly.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifExpanding the previous point. That is, if for example the phrase has 6 words and the user only properly orders two images, then the user will win 5 candies, but if he orders four images correctly, then he will win 10 candies.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifThe user must always indicate which phrase he is resolving to avoid confusion or his participation will not be taken into account.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifEach phrase can only be resolved on a single occasion by each user.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifParticipants will have 72 hours to answer each phrase since it is posted. After said period of time, the participation of the contestant for that phrase will not be taken into account.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifOnce the user publishes their participation they will not be able to edit their message, in case of editing, the user will be disqualified at least for that phrase.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifIn case of a tie, the speed in publishing the answer will be taken into account as the second factor that the team will consider in order to resolve the tiebreak.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifIn the thread will not be allowed any post that is not to participate in the contest by spamming or distorting the subject. In the case of doubts, these will be solved only in pm.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifThe team reserves the right to resolve, based on its point of view, any atypicality not contemplated in these rules.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifThe team reserves the right to modify any rule during the development of the contest, if it considers it to avoid any cheating.
    • ZZc5YdS.gifThe user who wins the most candy at the end of the contest will be the winner of the event


    • ZZc5YdS.gifThe event will be active approximately from October 23 to November 4 of the current year.


    • waSUGgT.gif1°Place: 10 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • waSUGgT.gif2° Place: 6 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • waSUGgT.gif3° Place: 3 € gf-1675744.png Coupon

    For any questions or comments please send me a private message.


    We hope this contest is to your liking and you are encouraged to participate to beat the witch and eat lots of candies!


    Administration of BattleKnight

    Your staff scared nLUE6mq.gif

    *Contest by Lady Poe

  • Brave heroes who fought against the witch PTyAvEs.gif

    Before announcing the winners of the event we leave the table of the correct order of Dingabts of the event. So you can know the answers to the enigma of this event full of secrets.

    Phrase Right order of Dingbats
    Trick or treat 2E7f2G1.pngQHWAQ06.pngWbBw3sR.png
    The Witches' day xqeKrDe.pngUHH6df2.pngyXvjIjF.png
    The nightmare's night AKzfQAh.pngXMYAb8u.pngL2ZkrnQ.png
    The living dead xc15ez8.pngA2RwSMl.pngqMbcAqf.png
    Witches and ghosts pcfwnzg.pngturCvoO.pngl1i5pZC.png
    Jack o' lantern y5BEmaz.png6sTJ9Hk.pngu9JvsHz.png
    The haunted house b2Xs0a7.pngIsrQURX.pngXhfjo0o.png
    Shadows and vampires t9a3rqM.pngkCBnarx.pngVaarWkA.png
    Terror in the cemetery HPutVxw.pngOPrarhW.pngMFtEY1p.pngb2Xs0a7.png

    Then the bird said “Nevermore.”
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    Once I finish with the points count, I am pleased to announce that we have the winners of this contest.

    PTyAvEs.gif1° PlacePTyAvEs.gif


    PTyAvEs.gif2° PlacePTyAvEs.gif


    PTyAvEs.gif3° PlacePTyAvEs.gif


    We remind you the prizes:


    • waSUGgT.gif1°Place: 10 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • waSUGgT.gif2° Place: 6 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • waSUGgT.gif3° Place: 3 € gf-1675744.png Coupon

    We hope you had fun with us in this mysterious event, with the secrets of Halloween.

    Congratulations to Cibeles!, as well as cruiser and Deynon besides all the others who dared to participate.

    To the winners:

    Cibeles , cruiser and Deynon we ask you to keep an eye on the forum so that you can receive your prizes.

    Thanks to all who participated ^^ see you in other contests!


    Administration of Battleknight

    Your staff scared nLUE6mq.gif