New Stuff in BK

  • I came back after almost 10 years of absence in the game (I played in 2009 or so)

    I find the game EXACTLY as it was 10 years ago, the only difference I see new metamorph potions that changes you from evil to good karma. Nothing new.

    Is no difficult to pay an artist to make new images for our avatars, new backgrounds, I'm not even asking a new IU (it would be great tho), maybe a new mode (dungeon mode) or an "eternal tower" which you climb floor by floor with better rewards each time.

    There are a bunch of ideas, easy and difficult ones to accomplish, but with the new servers, people are leaving the game, instead of making a merge of servers GF creates new ones, killing older servers with their communities.

    So no innovation, no new stuff in 10 years, no app, no nothing. And there are people that never left the game, why? because it has so much potential which is not used.

    I wish this bring us a reflection time to ask GF for some care for us, new images, IU or why not, a v3 of the game (I guess we are in v2).

    Any feedback about this? I am the only one really hoping for new and exciting stuff ? Thanks knights

  • This game is already dead dude, when I started playing BK there were only 3-4 times in a year the happy days. Now they are like every month.

    New server after new servers.

    And as you said nothing changed in 10 years. "boosts" wont help the BK-Communitys.

  • I would like to see

    • New boosts from the country estate...

    Faster mission cool down

    Bonus silver gain

    Bonus ep gain

    • New Castle activity

    Monsters to raid (as an order)

    Villages to pillage (as an order)

    Defend against dragon attacks

    No member amount requirement

    • New dueling

    Add bots that mimic players

    Make (challenge) daily

    Randomized bot attacks

    • Ways to earn rubies

    Weekly joust (10 rubies)

    Weekly monster hunt (10 rubies)

    Weekly dueling tournament

    5% chance on mission

    • New gear

    Add a new tier of gear

    Make merchant gear better

    3 ring slots

    3 companion slots

    Add boots

    Add gauntlets

    Add a cape

    Add second hand options

    • New missions

    Higher level missions



    150+ (and so on)

    More silver per mission

    More ep per mission

  • The last new thing added was the black knights in the Joust. Something that I had suggested and it took about 2 years to get it.

    Potions need to be higher, 500 hp is nothing.

    There have been countless suggestions that would be easy to implement, but GF just won't do it.

    Nik, don't reply to my post. Your opinion is not welcome.

  • Hello, we are aware of your suggestions, but that's up to the company/product team to improve or implement them.

    Thanks and happy gaming.

  • I know you are aware of them. I know it is up to the company. I know that you mods are volunteers. I know that to be a CoMa you have to live in Germany and work at GF. GF has been given these ideas for 6+ years and DO NOT LISTEN. They will not advertise BK to get new players in. Constant new servers don't do a thing to attract new people. The last straw is when they reduced the amount of rubies we received when buying them.

  • So who is in charge for activating the "30% more rubies offers"? That same person can't realize that it's a game with active and loyal players that need feedback? We need more! So much just basic stuff, we don't even need a v3, we need basic new and cheap stuff that can be easily implemented!

    There is no one in charge for that?