Santa's Mailbox

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    Would you like to send a gift or a cute message to wish someone a happy new starting of the year or tell him what he meant for you during all this year? This is your chance: you can do it anonymously. Read the following information carefully


    • Through this system you can send a poem, a message of appreciation, a nice picture o what else you have in mind to other board players.
    • You can send as many messages as you want (We always will respect your anonymity).
    • Your messages can't contain any offensive word / sense at all and your identity must be hidden as well.
    • The responsible staff member of this event won't reveal your message / identity to players.
    • This process is quite mechanic and easy: You will send your message and its recipients by MP to Santa Claus and he will deliver the message you sent to the chosen players on 25th December.
    • Keep in mind that you can send a special message to board players as well as the staff members. (Offensive words, inappropiate messages etc. will be declined automatically).


    • First of all, you must fulfill the following requirements:

    Quote from Santa Claus


    • Once you have those requirements fulfilled rightly, you may send it to  Santa Claus  
    • Our lovely Santa Claus will be the responsible of delivering all your messages!


    • From now on, you already can send your message to Santa Claus
    • Deadline for this event is 24th December at 23.59 (local time). We won't accept any messages out of date.
    • Santa claus will deliver your messages during the 25th december to your recipients.

    In case you have any questions regarding this contest feel free to use the following thread: [Christmas Edition] Questions & answers concerning forum events

    The Battleknight team wishes you a Merry Christmas!