Crazy healer event 18.03 -25.03

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    Ahh welcome, welcome my good friend, welcome to the store!

    They call me the crazy healer! Why crazy? I have no idea! I just give my customers a few potions and they can't seem to handle the...taste, yes the taste! It's too strong for them, that's all it is!!

    Now then, I've asked you to mind my store because it's time for me to visit the distant lands of Caldean. After everything that has happened there; the Vikings, a dragon invasion, the supernatural beasts attacking, it finally seems safe for me to have a little fun and surprise the people with the wonders of my potions.

    I'm sure that some of these potions would make those heroes and villains of Caldean much stronger. This potion is a nice one, have a smell, it's quite strong isn't it? I think it gave the drinker an extra limb, another arm to hold another sword, that would be perfect for those dangerous lands, or wait was this the potion that smelt so bad that people fainted when they came too near?

    Well it doesn't matter! What matters is that I am going to Caldean!

    I will be gone for quite sometime, Caldean is a large continent and I will need to visit each village, town and city, and travelling between them all can be tough!

    So look after the store for me, I'm off from 18.03 (noon time) till 25.03 (noon time), off to Caldean! Adventurers, prepare yourselves!