The magic chocolate egg [Event]

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    And finally, Easter is here! S3lvHBm.gif

    And with Easter the delicious chocolate-filled eggs have arrived

    But the easter bunny has a problem, he does not know what the stuffing of each egg is!

    Can you help solve this problem?


    • 5Yljbr5.gifEach day a moderator will put the image of an Easter egg in this same thread
    • 5Yljbr5.gifYou will have to guess what is the filling of each egg on that day. The four fillings for the eggs are:

      • qZboCFA.gifChocolate
      • qZboCFA.gifCaramel
      • qZboCFA.gifSweetened condensed milk
      • qZboCFA.gifHazelnut spread

      If you can guess the flavor of the egg on that day, you will earn 6 points, if you choose another flavor, you can only get 2 points.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifEvery time a user tries to guess the taste of the egg, they have to send a private message to Lady Poe where the participant indicates the taste he believes the egg has.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifIn case of a tie, the speed in send the answer the answer will be taken into account as the second factor that the team will consider in order to resolve the tiebreak.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifOnce the message has been sent, it can not be edited to attach or correct the response. In case the message is edited, participation will not be counted for that egg.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifThe participants have 72 hours to send the message since the egg was published. After said period of time, the participation of the contestant for that easter egg will not be counted.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifThe team reserves the right to resolve, based on its point of view, any atypicality not contemplated in these rules.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifThe team reserves the right to modify any rule during the development of the contest, if it considers it to avoid any cheating.
    • 5Yljbr5.gifThe user who guesses more flavors of Easter eggs and earn more points at the end of the contest will be the winner of the event.


    • 5Yljbr5.gifThe event will be active approximately from April 15 to 21 of the current year.


    • 5Yljbr5.gif1° Place: 10 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • 5Yljbr5.gif2° Place: 6 € gf-1675744.png Coupon
    • 5Yljbr5.gif3° Place: 3 € gf-1675744.png Coupon

    For any questions or comments please send me a private message.


    We hope this contest is to your liking and eat many Easter eggs with us


    Administration of Battleknight

    Your team of chocolate bunnies 1rAPM0p.gif

    *Contest by Lady Poe