Porozmawiajmy o aktualizacjach i eventach

  • "But this time it is a new creature - new look and new effects!"

    Jakby to rzekł Wania "Pażywiom uwidzim "

    Good news everyone!

    The Easter Event is here! From April 6th to April 20th!

    Breed an Companion!

    Date: 06/04/2020 - 20/04/2020


    Like last year, this event will have 3 phases where the player has to obtain an egg, hatch the egg and then feed the creature.

    After feed the creature, it will become one of 3 types of personalized companions. The companion type (dark, light, neutral) will be dependent on the karma the player used during the hatching phase, and the power and effect of the companion determined by the final feeding phase.

    Phase 1 – Obtaining the Egg

    For the first 7 days of the event there will be a new mission location in Grand, a cave. It is the task of the knights to explore the cave.

    There will be only 1 opponent there, the Grotto Watcher which will drop high levels of Silver.


    Exploring the cave is done via missions. Every 20 points spent here will generate 1 mission point (regardless of combat win/draw/loss).

    3 points = 10%

    6 points = 20%

    ... and so on

    As soon as the user has explored 100% of the cave he will get his event egg. A new interface will open in the Tavern menu called ‘Egg’ and in this page you will see all the controls for it.

    As well as the Event egg, doing missions in the cave can give you the eggs from last year’s Easter event. Players may find 5 types of colours eggs (sells for silver) and the golden egg (sells for gems).

    Phase 2 – Hatching your Egg

    This phase runs at the same time as the first one. After acquiring the event egg, the remaining days from the 7 days of phase 1 will be used to care for the egg until it hatches. This phase dictates how the creature will look like.

    Players will be able to cast karma spells on the egg to change its alignment (dark, light or neutral).

    In total there are 3 stages of development for light 3 for dark and 1 for neutral. As a bonus, the top 5 karma users for this phase will get a special stage 4 companion.

    Phase 3 – Feeding your Companion

    As soon as phase 2 is over, the egg will hatch and phase 3 will run for 7 days. The egg page in the Tavern will be replaced by a new page for the companion.

    Users will be able to find food for their companion during missions; this food can then be used to feed your new pet. There are 7 different stages and 4 abilities that your companion can get, the power of each ability increases with each stage.

    In total the event lasts for 14 days.

    Your BattleKnight team wishes you relaxing holidays!