we want NORMAL events

  • Hi there KnightWhoWantsEvent

    Unfortunately, team members don't decide the upcoming events. We just inform the community about the news that gameforge provides to us. Please, next time you want to post something on forums be sure to read our forum rules.

    Anything you should need don't hesitate to poke me through conversations!



  • i know before when i play when have event all time all player spend real money on game. without event i dont know why site working??? and i dont know how the admins go ga and other workers nothing know about that. we are only piuns in game i think....

  • I play on Polish servers there are many players maybe you need to make storms on the forum to see us? updates that add nothing and spoil our fun what it is supposed to be!
    the more our friends write something here, they will see that BK has not died yet!
    give it to your orders let people set up forum accounts and we smoke!

    gram na Polskich serwerach jest wieli grajacych może trzeba zrobic burze na forum aby nas zobaczyli ? aktualizacje ktore nic nie wnosza a psuja nam zabawe co to ma byc !

    im wiecej naszych znajom,ych cos tu napisze to zobaczą ze BK jeszcze nie umarło !

    dajcie na swoje zakony niech ludzie zakłądają konta na forum i robimy dym !

  • Unfortunately since the pandemic started GF already made it clear that they are useless and don't give a damn about their game and community. In the middle of the pandemic, with many people who had returned to play the only thing they did was to keep us without an event for 1 year. There were many criticisms and complaints in the forum, discord and only put after 1 year the dragon event and a monthly madness that felt like a pacifier for a baby when he cries and that way shut up.

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  • To put Happy Hours non-stop and open new servers if they work, but not to activate the events that touch and the monthly madness.

    I have never seen a company more incompetent and that treats its players worse.

  • After launching the speed servers, you need to forget about the old events.

    There are people who still play on the "classic" servers and we want the events that are played in each season. Opening fast servers is no excuse for not having events.

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  • Make a claim together, in a polite way, detailing the pro's of activating events and send it by ticket. It is the only serious way to claim. The more users submit a ticket, the better response they will surely get. Greetings