Joining of servers

  • Hello,

    Anyone remembers when exactly happened one of the most important things in the game, which is joining old servers into one?

    We need to do it again. Currently biggest servers are in Poland, they have less than 200 active players, which is low. On my server I think we have something like 20-25 players.

    I know that game admins/board admins have nothing to do with it, but we really need to combine other servers...


  • We need fusion. Here in spanish servers its the same. Even the most active and previously fused server (server 9), its becoming boring. There are no clan wars, not big orders (war functionality becomes useless). There are not enough people at tournaments. There are not enough players cause they play in different servers. I know that when we merge, we have to deal with the problem of multiaccounts, but thats a lesser problem in my opinion, compared to inactivity and lost of game functionalities.