Server fusion

  • Hello. I would like to raise the issue of server connection. I heard a rumor somewhere that such a connection could be possible and gameforge plans to do it in early 2024. Is this rumor true? I care about the game and developing my knight. I will gladly buy premium and a lot of stones to accelerate this character development. But this game is dying and I'm wondering if I should delete my account.

  • Hello, from my point of view, a merger servers and X speed not solve the problem of this game, which fails to attract new players. There are only those who play this game out of nostalgia. A merger might bring in more money for Gameforge in the short term, but the underlying issue will not be resolved. Any game, site, or portal needs to attract visitors, players, unique IPs; otherwise, it dies slowly but surely.

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  • we should merge all servers, even maybe its better to make one international, we can discuss rules and how to make it, its still possible to make that game alive, but its time to do something