• It's been about 4-5 years now without a Christmas event and no one has bothered to tell us why.

    GF ignoring the players as it always does in all its games. To activate happy hours they never fail but to give explanations you should never expect anything from them.

  • A few time someone told: "This event are crashed" something like this! So we must have patience guys!


  • Una vez alguien dijo: "Este evento se bloqueó", ¡algo como esto! ¡Así que debemos tener paciencia chicos!

    If GF had a minimum of interest in the BK community, in four years the problem would have been resolved. It's sad but it's reality.

  • Hi everyone,

    the Christmas event was requested for this year (well ... "same procedure as every year, James").

    But as Galvas already mentioned, it's 'crashed'.

    The crashing problem and the wish of the community for especially this event is known by everyone.

    For now we cannot tell you something which will please everyone.

    But be sure, that we will announce the event when it is planned to take place in-game.


  • I can understand it crashing once and not happening that one time.

    But for nobody to bother fixing the 'crash' after the first time and just rolling out the same excuse year after year is just...............crap.

    Gameforge earn enough money from this game to have somebody to fix bugs.

    They just don't care about their paying customers.

    If the payment system crashed, that would be fixed in hours not years

  • Hello everyone,

    I understand that the Christmas event has crashed catastrophically. Between us, it's also the weakest battleknight event.

    What I don't understand is why the crazy healer wasn't introduced, just like last year, which is the cutest event!

    Perhaps the team is thinking that a 10x speed and -50% rubies on December 27th should be enough to make people happy and entice them to spend money in the game. I announce you through this channel that you have miscalculated, and it's a good reason for me to completely abandon the game.

    You're on the right road. Maybe a few who still play this game out of nostalgia will eventually abandon it.


  • Gameforge could make 2 things

    NR 1

    Say "We dont give a sh*t about BK" and give BK to hands od moders. For sure there are a lot of true fans that will do a lot of good for this game.

    Diffrent servers with themes, diffrents event

    Option number 2

    Gameforge decide - try to make this game look better by their work or just close it and stop pretending game is still alive

  • Where is the happy day announced on 10/01/2024?

    The team seems not only incapable of bringing back some events from 10 years ago, but it appears they are also unable to implement the happy days! Complete ignorance.

    Not to mention if anyone knows when was the last new companion introduced? Or the latest entirely new event?

    The Christmas event failed!

    The Crazy Healer has failed!

    The Happy Day was fail!

    But two useless companions were introduced: hermina and the deer. Maybe these players could throw some rubies into the game, and we could make some more money...

  • What annoys me is that complaints are made on the forum and never any real explanation is given.

    So the Christmas event has been crashing for years and nobody has bothered to do anything about it?

    It used to work, easy fix - find out what changed.

    But the fact that the admins announce a 'happy day' on the forum and then don't advertise it in game where people who may actually end up buying rubies if they get an extra bonus is beyond me.

    It's like a retail shop announcing a sale by putting a poster up in the staff toilet.

    The forum has become a sad place.

    The only active threads that get any attention are from people who apparently need practice counting to a billion and counting down from 5000.

    The forum used to be a fun place with lots of information and important announcements.

    Now it's just for pre-schoolers learning to count and useless announcements that any players who already know how to count don't read because they are playing the game and don't need the practice.

  • Unfortunately the game died years ago and it's not going to get better, we have to accept it. GF is not even slightly interested in BattleKnight, and apparently, according to what I have seen in other communities, it is the same with their other games. The game is around 20 years old I think, and they didn't even bother to have a version for mobile phones!

    Believe me, those of us who count up to 1,000,000 also love this game and would like it to improve, or at least for the events to be more frequent, at this point I don't know if the GA or anyone who reads this forum could enable more frequent events, I guess No, or I imagine they would. If you like the game, enjoy what's left of it, but accept the reality BK is not going to get better (I'd love to be wrong).


    P.S. I am a Spanish speaker and I have used Google Translator :P

  • Unfortunately almost all forums have lost their activity. Before, in addition to the many users posting, you also had the various contests that were held by the team with which you could get coupons to use in any GF game, the tournament horse, etc. Now I don't even remember the last time there was a contest.

    I've noticed this especially on the Nostale forum, a game I've been playing since 2009 and many days I spent more time on the forum than in the game because of the atmosphere. Now it's nothing more than a graveyard where people post very rarely apart from maintenance announcements, happy hours or weekend events.

  • and another small question....................... Just curious;

    Who decided to call it Monthly Madness ?

    It doesn't last a month and it doesn't happen every month so what exactly is MONTHLY about it ??

  • Crazy Healer on 2022:

    - 2 weeks in February

    - 1 week in September

    - 1 week in November

    - 4 weeks in December

    Crazy Healer on 2023:

    - 1 week in February

    - 2 weeks in August

    Crazy Healer on 2024:

    - 1 week in February

    - ?????

    Why does Gameforge punish its players?

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