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    Honestly, you're better off waiting for an event to get gear drops such as the Dragon or Gryphon set. The prices at the merchant are absolutely ridiculous (i.e. spending hundreds of rubies on an item which marginally improves 1 or 2 stats).

    In between events spend some time in the auction house at various cities/town to find a decent item for a silver-only price.

    Other than that, don't waste your time at the merchants.

    One of the requests (among a number of others) we've put forward to Gameforge is to adjust the pricing at the merchants to get players away from gear sets. Unfortunately this has just been ignored so far. Until it's changed, you'll struggle to compete with Merchant gear.

    I agree. There aren't that many active players that a single server wouldn't be able to cope. Putting us all into the same server (1 account each though - no multi's), will breathe new life into this game on a large scale. Plus we get to fight players we haven't come across before and make new friends. The castle map would need to be adjusted slightly such as:

    - Add a few more castles
    - Lower the amount of members an order needs to take castles
    - Perhaps shorten the timer on war rounds?

    Let's see....