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    Your date of birth is not relevant but your attitude is.

    I can contradict you as a player from UK server 4 if you like.

    I saw the counter and then was bemused when the counter was canceled and replaced by the counter for the happy hour.

    So yes the counter was there but then cancelled for a happy hour which many of us always appreciate for cheaper gems.

    The information about the event can be found here -----> Easter 2019

    Just as reported by Nik

    It isn't the damage you deal that is important, it is the mission points you spend.

    Ethriel: 2 large missions (pants)= 120 mission points

    Alestix: 6 large missions (shield)= 360 mission points

    Khoronax: 8 large missions (armor)= 480 mission points

    Khimun: 12 large missions (helmet)= 720 mission points

    Sirux: 16 large missions (sword)= 960 mission points

    Thanks to Zyrox for this originally. (Still haven't figured out how to quote properly yet) :P