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    Das Omen About a dog being a thief, have you tested it? At beginning I thought the dog would literally take one item from the market, but if you compare the item he found it with the market there is no match.

    But because the difference of the mission in Taulfur and brant-rammstil is so high I never went there to test it if the items there are really better and/or more expensive.

    Well all right then, that is new for me. Talmet is a nice place, but not Endalain. The mage is terrible, so little gold, no karma and little Experience.

    Mhh, do you suggest to alternate (when I have time) with Cave in Talmet (as Nik suggest) ? I tried 1 time there and I got 600 gold instead of 1200-1300 gold I take from White Dragon in Talfour - Dragon Nest. Maybe I was unlucky and I met the wrong monster ahah..

    I recommend you to stay in taulfur doing all the missions in the Nest forever hahaha even lvl 200 you stay there, never leave

    Well done. I Agree with you.

    What I meant is the silver is gonna be the same amount (considering all normal mission). But if you see on the side, its better like you said.

    I never heard of that. Just keep doing 100% of missions in the nest in taulfur. And, when you can, go travel with the Pegasu.

    A perfect scenario would be doing mission until you can, then travel with Pegasu and stop in Gastain or Thulgar to work while you sleep. Then come back to Taulfur and reapet the process. But it takes a lot of time.

    Or you can just do missions in taulfur, travel and come back to taulfur and instead of working while sleep you can travel a large distance (like Thulgar-taulfur)

    It doenst matter from where you are travelling, if is taulfur (where you make missions) or another place, the chances are all the same.

    I only know that when you make a long travel your chances of making a missions are higher, but even in a 5 min travel you can make a good air mission. Its very random, and also dont know what are the %

    The number of silver is the same for all missions, but doing 10 min mission gives more EXP.

    So doing 10 min mission with the dog would be the perfect scenario. So you would have the 1% chance every time you make a mission

    I like the update you made, is more accurate as a base to build your knight. This may work if you want a generic build, but I still think you should change against your enemies. The reason is, the number of players is very limited, and the number of players that can be a threat to you is even more limited, so you should focus on them.

    At the moment my booty is 158,501.633 (top 6), and my main enemy is 250,746.877 (top 1). Even knowing he have almost 100 milion more silver then me, just because of the fact that I have more luck then him I can beat him (even hiting only on the 0%)

    He have more force, aptitude, HP, attack and defense then me.

    I have seen knights focusing on Force (Like Nik), so his damage is huge even without critical

    I have seen knights focusing of defense, so you become a turtle and no one hit you.

    Or, in my case a lot of people would upgrade defense. But if they did that, I wouldnt be able to beat the top 1. Thats why we should be more flexible.

    About the NEVER holding level: I created a new account, and always when I have more level then them, eventually I am gonna beat them. Doesnt matter if you have 300000 tournament. Because more level means:

    -More silver in the missions (this is very important)

    -More silver in the Group Mission, Pegasu and Work

    -Better items

    -More expensive item (So you can sell later)

    -The dog can find more expensive item

    -You can still win tournament (and is gonna give you more silver)

    -On events like Dragon, hunter, Fehan, Crazy healer (w/ clues) you can get better and more expensive items

    -Due the lack of players, sometimes you dont win as many tournament as you could.

    A month, a knight who holds level can have 3-5 tournament a month, so this would mean 27-45 rubines a month or 324-540 a year. I honestly think those rubines converted on premium/dummy would make a lost LESS then the person upgrading level.

    While upgrading level you would win 1-3 tournaments average, this would be 9-27 rubines. This is enough to have premium on events. Even if you win 0-1 tournament still worth it.

    The only reason I would hold level is to make about 70-100 rubies on the account to make a specific event like Fairy (having fairy level max is very important). After that I would upgrade again.

    Also, I would prefer buying 10-25 pounds of rubines, support the game and give opportunity to newbies to also win tournaments. (But this is a entirely new discussion and dont add anything on my argument)

    Hi, in my opinion those numbers are waaaay too low with luck, attack and defense

    You don`t need this kind of math, like x2 x3 x4 etc. You just need to adjust against your enemies. For example, keep 80 luck points more them your enemy to have critical 99% of the time (or even more for 100% chance).

    My knight is lvl164 like this: (In parenthesis the number you suggest)

    My stats without items:

    Force 313 (x2 wourld be 328)

    Aptitude 266 (x2 wourld be 328)

    HP 191 (x1 would be 164)

    Luck 941 (x3 would be 492)

    Attack 702 (x3 would be 492)

    Defense 577 (x3 would be 492)

    The reason I have a high luck is to beat my enemy, otherwise, I would focus on defense or attack. So, I dont think any math should apply for your knight. But, upgrade as many as possible and NEVER hold level (this will only make you weak)

    1 You can buy one clue per day in the merchant. The clue will lead you to a city, go to that city and make the missions until your clue is done. A good tip is to have a lot of clues before going to make them.

    2. you should start taking damage soon, maybe level 6-8

    3. the best city is Taulfor but is only available lvl35. You can continue doing missions in any city for now, and try buying a new item on the auction

    4. lvl 9-12 you have first tournament, and then 12-19. Buy a Spear and enter, BUT NEVER HOLD LEVEL to stay on a tournament, otherwise you`ll stay weak.

    If you have rubies, use them on Premium on Atributes events, and if possible, also Dummy (can be 10 days dummy)

    Most important stats: Luck > attack and deffense > strength and aptitude > HP (being luck most important and HP the least)

    Join an order, they can help you a lot

    Try attacking knights highers level then you, but weaker so you can gain experience.

    From level 8 you can make Group Mission