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  • Hi darkness. Or should I say: the abyss. XD. personally, I have never dated or did haRmful things to my body like smoking or beer. I do not think like the church does though. Relationships are overrated these days. Most likely I'd like to be smart. Being preventive is the key though. Especially since we humans have so many limitations. We are not robots. It is all about mind, body, and connection. I know I am smirking at this, but, some folks only give people special attention because they are staff on certain websites. The human mind is the most important thing out there. And I can remember things since I was 2 or 3 years old.

    • Hello TheWarrior and thanks for your message.

      unfortunately I'm a smoker, I'm tattooed and I like to drink (but don't like to get drunk) :)

      I partially agree with what you say.

      Many times you get attention from people in this world just because you play an important role.

      Other times, however, really special bonds are created. you need to have luck, know the person you're talking to and build what your future will be every day :P

    • indeed. Which is quite stupid on the whole part by the way. Not at you of course. I respect you for who you are. But getting all these benefits is like saying you get special treatment for being a good boy or girl. Actually, not to sound harsh, but is useless. Which is why I do not think too much about it. It is quite harmful to me. Yesterday I walked 11k steps and five more thousand steps on my ipod. I do not have any delusions about tattoos, or what they stand for. Or believe in demons.