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  • I work out a lot at home. I have to do something, if I can't then I will go bananas. LOL. I do heavy duty walking and I walk 15k each day and i work out with weights at home. I always had a fit body.

  • sometimes I go through my depressed moments. But at the moment I feel alive.

    I can get out of my depressed episodes quickly. Just because I am a strong fella. I am a battle knight. Lol.

  • When I first started out playing video games a while ago in my younger 20s, I was way to serious about becoming a top player and every time someone attacked me, I was getting mad and would quit the game. Unfotunately, I am not like that anymore. I decided not to take games too seriously because it could affect my well being. Now I am enjoying playing them and I am having fun. I hope everyone else is having fun too.

  • Be modest, respect, honor, integrity, work hard, pay your bills on time, and do not play games that other people play on social media and discussing the latest trends like kim kardashian or donald trump. These are their personal games that they play and do with their time. Enjoy life and be happy.

  • I do not see anything out of the ordinary or special about women. Except that they are called female and that opposites attract. I did a couple of typing tests online and my wpm is 90 words per minute. Sometimes whenever depression kicks in I do typing tests because being depressed in normal. It happens to everyone. And I think I know what to do. I have wisdom, knowledge, and charisma. I bought a cd from the library to practice qiqong.

  • Some people are crazy out there. And I know who they are. I know for example at my church that there many people who have different types of mental disorders. Some young teen age girls can be crazy to older guys, especially if they try to have good intentions. But sometimes good intentions can go bad. They are polite and nice. Just like me. I spend my life in america just like an american, but I am not like them. Because I wasn't born here.

  • Update. I am doing fine on the game. Even though I am not on it as much as I prefer, I still would love to get to a higher level faster. I did some calculations on google and it takes about 24 minutes for each point to get up before it gets to 240 points.

    This game is enjoyable, relaxed, and a fun atmosphere for all to enjoy.

  • I embrace the lonliness. Lonliness is a feeling described in the dictionary. I do not give my persoal phone number to anyone. I do not waste my time with men or women. Relationships are overrated. So is trolling in video games or being attacked by other players. If an individual is driving me up the wall, I just block them.

    I am sure there isn't something I already know. Since I read a lot of visual stuff. I used to get really nervy when someone attacked me in a video game website, but I realize now it is only a game, and I do not fuss about it like a fizzy drink. Game on!!