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  • Hello Maeve!

    When will the next Happy Day be if at all? I know there was one on June 23rd, but none since then.

  • mission cool down seems the same as normal

    • I believe they released the same event as previously, because the mission points per hour weren't supposed to be increased now. That said with this update we have now, I don't think there's any chance of getting ruby drops from the missions, so just be careful with that.

    • The announcement said 50% reduced mission cooldown time.

      It's definately the usual cooldown time not 50% less.

      I have seen people getting the 2 rubies from missions though.

  • Hello, I believe a wrong event has just been released:)

  • Hello Maeve! We're on 1st of June. Where is the monthly madness event? Will it come later or not at all?

    • Hey Patrick!

      The event starts at 12.00 local time.

  • why event not come????omg

  • Hi Maeve. I have a lot of boundaries in my life set up. I have things that I need to take care of in my personal life and all of us are humans. We are not aliens. Although that is an understatement. There are days when I can't sleep at night. And a few other things. I have my limitations. I will continue to play this game. You are an awesome board administration.

  • Hi Maeve. Good morning. What is the maximum level in this game? Or if there is such a level? I haven't read the entire guidelines yet so I am a bit confounded. Haha.

  • Thank you Maeve. Wish you the best of luck.

  • Hi Maeve. Thank you for working so hard on this game and making it enjoyable for all type of players to play. I am now level four and I started earlier a couple months ago I think. Now I am more active than ever.


    • I wish you the best on your Battleknight adventure! :) Feel free to poke me if you need help!

  • hi maeve, what should I do for the Christmas battle award?

    • I will poke you as soon as I get those coupons to deliver them to you!

    • ok thanks ;)

  • Can you throw to the same person more than once?

    • only one ballon per post. After that sure you can repeat colours

  • How often can you post and throw a balloon?

    • When other user posts before you (no double post allowed)

  • how to use the template for the contest

    • Just copy and paste, editing the amount of balloons you have thrown :)

  • hello

  • For my beloved BA ;)


  • You are our sunflower ! :)))

    • You are so cute! Thank you a lot <3

  • for you

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour

    • I love sunflowers... many thanks!