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  • hi maeve, what should I do for the Christmas battle award?

    • I will poke you as soon as I get those coupons to deliver them to you!

    • ok thanks ;)

  • Can you throw to the same person more than once?

    • only one ballon per post. After that sure you can repeat colours

  • How often can you post and throw a balloon?

    • When other user posts before you (no double post allowed)

  • how to use the template for the contest

    • Just copy and paste, editing the amount of balloons you have thrown :)

  • hello

  • For my beloved BA ;)


  • You are our sunflower ! :)))

    • You are so cute! Thank you a lot <3

  • for you

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour

    • I love sunflowers... many thanks!