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    Dear players,

    We are pleased to announce the new speed server on EN - 34


    It will be scheduled to open on 24.06.2022.

    Server maintenance will begin at 14:00 CET

    Server settings: Speed x5.

    Cheers and Enjoy!

    Your Battle-Knight Team


    Knights of Caldean,

    From 15th june at 12h00 local time, to 15th of July, dragons will be invading our Caldean! Hunt them all to loot silver and have a chance of finding one of the famous 5 equipment pieces of the Gryphon set.

    Keep the streets of Caldean clean and safe!


    The BattleKnight Team


    Dear Lords and Ladies of Caldean,

    The latest event may have ended two days ago, but here's something else to get excited for:

    Our new event will be running from 01/06/2022 - 08/06/2022:

    - Mission rewards (silver) +50%

    - Attribute upgrade costs (silver) -50%

    - Mission cooldown -50%

    - Travel time -50%

    - Chance on ruby drop in missions 25% for 2

    Have a great time!

    The BattleKnight Team :bkicon1:

    Noble knights!

    This May the mists around king Obolet's exile, the mysterious Fehan island will once again unveil itself!

    For two weeks (from 11.05 until 25.05) You will be able to travel there from Asgal and Tarant,

    live through various adventures and have some additional fun in-game.


    Enjoy Fehan smile.png

    Your Battleknight Team

    Dear players,

    We will have software update maintenance on 07.04.2022 which will be handled in 3 rounds.
    There will be no in-game fixes or features included, only version change.

    The following servers will be offline from 10:00 CET:

    EN - 16 / 17 / 24 / 25 / 27 / 32

    Your BattleKnight Team

    Hey :)

    No info about events yet. Once we get any, let's be sure we'll post it on forums. At any rate, I'll suggest that to my high ups. :)