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    Dear community,

    as we continue integrating our services into the Gameforge platform, starting on Tuesday, 19th of May, you will also be able to log in in the forum with the credentials you use for your Battleknight account at

    If you have the same e-mail in your forum account and in your game account, you will be able to use the login data from both accounts to log in in the forum.
    If you use different e-mails in the forum account and in the gameforge account, you will create a multi account by login in from the Gameforge account in the forum so please, have a look at the data you are using before attempting to log in with your game data in the forum.

    Please note!

    In case you would like to use the "Gameforge login" option in order to login to the forum, please make sure that you also use the same email in the forum as you do in the Gameforge Client.


    The first time you will login through this option, your forum and Gameforge account will be automatically merged.


    Your Batteknight Team

    Knights of Caldean!

    Additionally to our monthly game maintenance there will be a general network maintenance on April 27th 2020 starting at 6:00 AM CEST.

    Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours, therefore, around 9:00 AM CEST the maintenance should be over.

    Your Battleknight Team.

    Dear players,

    We are pleased to announce the new speed servers on EN - 25


    It will be scheduled to open on 20.04.2020. Server maintenance will begin at 14:30 CET

    Server settings: Speed x4.

    Cheers and Enjoy!

    Your Battle-Knight Team

    Dear players,

    on Wednesday 29.01.2020 our forum servers will be rebooted at 11:00. Therefore, forums will be unavailable for a short time (anything between 5 and 30 minutes) due the update.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Your Battleknight Team

    Knights of Caldean,

    Next Wednesday, 22.01.2020 starting on 08:00AM (German Time) we will be carrying out our scheduled payment maintenance. The expected downtime is 60 minutes.

    For the duration of the maintenance, payment related services might be un available.


    Dear players,

    All Battleknight servers will be restarted on 23.01.2020 during the browser games maintenance.

    Restart will be carried between 12:15 and 12:40

    Your Battle-Knight Team

    Dear players,

    We will have a Happy Day on the 15th of November from midnight until 23:59.

    All ruby purchases will give you an extra 40% for free!



    The Battle-Knight Team