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  • Good afternoon.I have been writing to blackdemona for a week now, including to the support service and the Russian forum, about the inability to change the rank of participants in my order.According to the reports, I noticed that I had been talking to the same person all week.Can you help solve this game error?if you don't have the skills or knowledge to solve this problem, name someone who can help me

    • were you able to solve the problem?

    • no, but the Admin old , found a way around this glitch. by zooming out the page by less than 65%, the ranks appear on the left side of the page...

      now I am grateful for this,but now the problem is as follows: the game management team,do not close the tags and emails that we write(to the forum and to the support service) until they are resolved.if you can't decide, move on.) can someone else

      P / s visit our Russian forum if possible,do not leave the blackdecker to the mercy of fate ,he is ashamed to ask for your help.)

    • good I'm happy for you!

      sure, i will visit your forum very gladly! ^^

  • prova 1 XD

  • Ma quante Lingue sai? Sei poliglota.

    • Parlo diverse lingue, la mia fortuna è: essere cresciuta in una vera torre di babele e aver viaggiato molto ^^

  • <3

    • Come back every now and then!!

      A kiss see you later! :*

  • Ciao LadyBlue

    scusami, ci deve essere un doppio errore nel thread Contemos al infinito y màs allà :

    -ho postato due volte di seguito, non so come sia successo , ahimè

    -e anche la numerazione non torna ...

    che fare ? mi spiace...

    • tranquillo..sistemo io ;)

      grazie per avvisarmi :*

  • Ciao Lady alla fine dell'evento dei migliori attacchi sarà pubblicata una classifica generale?

  • Code: Pantalo
    1. I am an Italian player. For the new contest can I put the missions or just other fights?
  • Hermosa!! :*

  • bu