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  • good afternoon!what is known about the next game update?when it passes approximately, what awaits us?you can send developers information about Game errors and annoying microbags found by players.For convenience, create on the international forum 1 tag in "communication" called "offers" where each player will be allowed to post only 1 post with its subsequent editing, adding information.

    • Hi knight! I am a Fórum Moderator and dont have this contact!!

    • and you,as a moderator of fomum, can tell BlackDemon, the manager of the Russian forum, not to delete the topics I created?it's a mockery for him, but is it right?

    • We cannot interfere with other communities! There are some rules for him to be deleting your topics! Send him a message asking for explanations! Perhaps you have committed a breach of the rule!

    • no ,he just likes it.most of his work is to mock the players.I am almost sure that he works or cooperates with innogame , but if this is not the case,then he is just an incompetent pest worker ,whose uncontrolled actions lead to annual losses on the servers of GameForge game projects of a huge number of fun ,active players, most of whom regularly invested Real Money in the game...

  • Concurso de Páscoa.

    • Ok! Obrigado pela participação!

  • galvas quem tenho q contactar sobre informacoes de possivel erro na conquista de castelo no serv17 br

    tenha uma otima tarde!! e boa semana abrax

    • Boa noite Nogueiras! primeiramente crie um tópico na sessão de Bugs e lá eles responderão com certeza!

  • Claro que sim grande cezar! Te convidei lá no S16!!!!!Acho que não consigo parar de jogar Bkmesmo com essa mesmice toda!! Houve fusão dos fóruns!!!!

  • galvas irmão, ainda jogas, lembras de mim?o forum mudou um pouco, não sei mais como mandar mensagem privada kkkkk

  • Dont forget about us on US-16 if that is you :D