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  • Ник, -50% процента връщане от мисия пак не работи...или отново е друг бонус?

    • Допусната е грешка в обявяването, правилният бонус е активен в играта, съжаляваме за неудобството.

  • Hey, how can i change the name of my knight in game???

    • Submit a ticket through the support button ingame, it's located upper right courner, next to the logout button.

  • You can talk to the gameforge to make a world championship. I play in Romania on sv3 and it's pretty boring, I have no one to fight with. I have lvl 317. I think so on all servers. We still need to change something about this game

  • Hi. can you tell me if the beta server is still working? because I can't register

    • It's closed, only the ones that are already registered can play in there.

  • Здравей, няма ли вече чисто български форум, понеже се опитвам да го намеря, но нещо не мога да попадна на него. Благодаря за информацията.

    • Здравей DaSh75,

      Българската част (BG) е вписана в Международният форум > International (English)

      Общности: UK/US and BG/LV/RO/CZ/SK/DK/LT/NL/HR/HU

      Можеш да правиш теми и пишеш на български там, използвайки BG етикети.

      Ще получиш помощ съответно на нашият език.

  • Hello fellow player nik. I wanted to drop by and say hi. Good luck getting really high levels in the game.

    • Thanks TheWarrior, same goes to you buddy, have fun :)

  • Здравей , кога ще бъде пуснат евента ? Поздрави!

    • Когато имаме информация, ще бъде обявена на тази страница:

  • love the game and so would like to give some feed back, Cross server attacks would really help the game as in people from one server could attack players from another server and in the report it would state what server the attacker came from. On my server that isn't really that old I have 0 enemies because people have stopped playing and you make new servers so new people wont join my server. I am a battle Knight I want to fight :-)

    • I understand and agree with your point of view, i love this game as well, however i am a volunteer and those things does not depend on me, i can forward them and hope for the best.


    • Yes please do forward on Thanks :)

  • Hi, what does it mean when my fairy says "Pudgy"? and should I stop feeding it?


    • Hello,

      It means that the companion reached maximum level of development.

      Pudgy = Full


    • ok thanks

  • Cool picture :)

  • Very nice and cute picture, many kisses for you