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  • Hello,
    nowhere in the forum did I manage to find the ban rules, how long they last and what offenses lead to the ban. Thanks in advance

    • Здравейте,

      правилата на играта можете да видите тук.

      Обсъждането на нарушения на настоящите правила и наложени по тях наказания над акаунти в играта

      се осъществява единствено и само чрез билетната система.

      Поздрави, old!

  • Hi old. Thank you for putting the hard work into this game and making it possibly enjoyable for us members to play. I really appreciate the time you put into it. Is there a maximum level in this game? With your exp as a moderator? Thanks in advance friend.

    • Hello,

      First, thanks for the compliments.

      The game has no level limit and anyone can develop their character as they wish. Have fun with the game and let it enjoy you.

      Greetings old!

    • thank you Old. Enjoy the game yourself. And have a happy friday.