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  • Bonjour je sais pas si il y a déjà eu des questions sur ça mais ...

    ya t'il des rassemblement des serveur rapide de prévu bientôt ou pas?

    Merci =)

    • Bonjour

      je t'ai répondu en mp .La réponse est non pas pour l'instant et si nous avons des infos nous les mettrons sur le forum .

  • Hey there.!!

    I hope you are doing well. Have you ever tried qiqong? It is a great chinese art which requires martial arts movements in order to have a balance between chi and tai chi. Very old tradition indeed.

    • I have already done a little tai chi when I was in Paris but it is more difficult to find "real teachers" where I am now ....
      I did not try the
      Qiqong and I also saw demonstrations of Capoeira.

      I love fighting sports .

    • Wow. It surprised me that you actually do know about qiqong. I bought the CD from the library. But where I live here in the US on the eastern shore, the streets are very safe and I do not need to learn martial arts because what would I do with them? Unless I was a fighting coach, coaching someone else and I was getting paid for what I would do it my money.

      I learned about qiqong when I went on vacation and I had to change my plans for the summer time. It is a real gift to tell you the truth. My mom knows all about that stuff based on her education etc.

      I found some images for qiqong beginners on google images and I will try it out in the nearby future. Maybe it will help with my anger problems etc. I know my anger problems have been diminished slightly over time, but I hope one day I will be anger free and live a healthy lifestyle. I also practice yoga, guided meditation, I lift weights, I walk 10k steps each day and among other things. Enjoy.

  • Hi Katlin I think you must contact : the US support or you can MP Nik for the contest .

  • I have tried to register my score of 2013 on 11/11/19 at 2:03 p.m. (U.S. Easter Standard time). Time left on the contest time was 33:56. I do not know what time you are on so this was the best I could do. Please help!!! Katlin, s-18us Thank you.

  • buuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • pac

  • Je laisse ce mur libre d’accès à tous.

    Respectez ce lieu et ceux qui viennent y déposer leurs mots .

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour

  • On which server is the largest level ..?

    • For the french one it is the S4

  • I have a question... what is this new forum, why dont u put official post on INTERNATIONAL (EN) language ? This is so bad for BK...

    • Ce n'est pas un nouveau forum mais le forum de la communauté française , comme il y a celui de la communauté espagnole, portugaise, allemande,turque, italienne, grecque,russe , anglaise ,américaine etc ...

      Si tu regardes bien tu verras que je contribue à plusieurs de ces communautés . Mais je suis administratrice forum d'une seule celle de la France et j'ai donc en charge entre autres d'animer le forum de celle ci .

      J'espère avoir répondu à ta question , si tu en avais d'autres il te suffit de m'envoyer un MP et je serais ravie de te répondre à nouveau .

    • I sta ima kod tebe jos ?

  • Congratulations for your level up :)