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  • hi Platon

  • hi

  • Hi Platon,

  • sorry to intrude, does anyone have any ideea what resistance stands for ? in game I mean

  • Platon, the only anime I liked was pokemon. xD. That is as far as I can go. To tell you something from experience, I went through a lot of phases when I was a teen ager and in my younger adulthood years. Now I am 30 years of age. And I can hike at least 15000 steps per day in my town.

  • Thank you platon. Have you ever played god of war on ps3?

  • Thank you friend!!!! I really am having fun in this game. I like a bit of competition. And I like to be top level in this game. I am level 138 in bitefight and I have 1688 attack points. Good luck and have fun. No harm done. Lmao.


  • Hello there!!!!

    I hope you have a nice day.


    • Heyo !

      Thanks :)

      equally for you!

  • Bonjour Platon,

    Il y a de ça quelque jours, vous avez poster un message sur le serveur 4, vous étiez à la recherche de nouveau modo.
    J'ai décidé d'y postuler via votre adresse mail, mais je suis resté sans voie. Avez vous trouvé quelqu'un ?

    Bien à vous


  • Cuando nos vamos de vacaciones??? ;)